It is story of almost every girl in rural India specially Haryana state. Where raising a girl child with a different mind set than boys is common. Girls are raised with only one goal to make her a good marriage material rather than making her self dependent. Parents entire focus is to make her suitable bride instead of a strong girl who is well educated and self dependent like men. To your surprise, I want to tell you that Patriarchy still exist in India in todays modern times even though court gave legal rights to girls on their parents property. Parents still follows the past customs and beliefs according to which only boys have the right to all the property of parents. Girls are left on their fate on marriage because many of the villagers still follow custom of arrange marriage where girls doesn’t really have right to choose her life partner. Now, it is on her fate which will decide whether she will get happy married life by getting married to a good boy or bad boy. I sometimes wonder how can parents become so insensitive and ignorant towards their own child just because she is a girl. And they just want to get rid of the burden of marrying her to someone without thinking about her feelings and emotions about it. I mean whom should a girl trust or rely upon if parents will become so ignorant about her pains and sufferings. Sometimes she has to agree and do whatever boy and his family asked her to do despite her disliking about what she is doing. This is the cruel reality today for many girls in India that they are dependent on boy and his family to take care of her because she doesn’t work out and earn and also she doesn’t enjoy luxury like boys to have right on her parents property. So, they are merely considered as burden or responsibility by her husband as well as by her own father. I think this is one of the main reason they get burned, beaten, tortured emotionally and sometimes even physically too.

Creator is one for boy and girl. Parents are one for boy and girl. Then why do they raise their children  differently. Why girls can't claim and proudly say it is my home. Either it is parent's home or husband's. Parent's says your husbands home will be your home. When Husband doesn't accept her with heart he says this is my home and my parents home not yours. I want to ask from society and all the girls parents which home she should call hers?

Girls ratio as compare to boys in state of Haryana In India is lower. click the above link and check the data. you will be surprised to know that sex determination before birth is crime in Haryana because of patriarchy and female feticides which are related to underlying Village Mentality on women and sexual violence and backwardness. Every parent wanted to have a boy child instead of a girl. Haryana is a patriarchal society. What with the Khap Panchayat , honour killings , debt inducing dowries and the primitive notions of the role of women in society. So prospective parents figure they will have an easier time if they had a boy instead of a girl.

My Life journey to know self worth. Journey started from darkness to light. Journey from alone to true self. Journey from self-hatred being a girl to self-love. Journey from daughter to wife and most beautiful proud mother of two handsome boys.

In this picture you must be wondering what are those pots on the head of girls. It is a pot to fetch drinking water from well or tube-well in the village. Generally girls and women are responsible to bring water in these heavy pots carrying on their head. Not only this all the household work are done by girls and women in the house.